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IoT - Internet of Things

Internet of Things is a concept that describes the intercommunication between everyday objects through the internet. Being one of the most important technologies of the 21st century, it establishes an impeccable communication between people, objects and processes. Using our “Broker” platform, you will be able to control projects and receive data from anywhere on the planet with ease!

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The first step is to register on our platform. We will use your information to provide a unique connection for you.



How to get started?

Download our Modelix IoT Broker. You will use the registered data from the previous step to link your controller to our server.



Try out our free IoT course! In three classes of up to 50 minutes,  learn with intuitive hands-on activities.



IoT Course download
Class 2 --- coming soon
Class 3 --- coming soon

No-MQTT Concept

We believe in an accessible IoT practice, meant for all levels of users. While using our program, you will have access to all IoT capabilities, but without having to worry about the fancy MQTT messaging protocol. Simply log in to the platform, and be ready to connect devices across the globe.

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